Oscar Romero: Presente!

“The greatest sign of faith in a God of life is the witness of those who are willing to give up their own life … Frequently I have been threatened with death. I should tell you that, as a Christian, I don’t believe in death without resurrection. If they kill me, I will be resurrected in the Salvadoran people.” ~~ Archbishop Oscar Romero

Today marks the twenty-ninth anniversary of the assassination of Oscar Romero, Archbishop of San Salvador from 1977 – 1980. On March 24, 1980, he was mortally wounded with a single bullet to the heart while presiding at a Eucharist service at the Divina Providencia Chapel, but he lives on in the people of El Salvador in their struggle for justice and peace. Monseñor, as he was affectionately known, was a great martyr whose life revealed a dedicated faithfulness to the lowly and impoverished. Romero was truly the “people’s pastor” as he became a “voice for the voiceless” preaching God’s preferential option for the poor. He said, “My position as pastor obliges me to be in solidarity with all who suffer, and to make every effort for the sake of people’s dignity.”

During his three years as Archbishop, Romero became known across the world as a fearless defender of the poor and suffering, and because of this, he was despised by the powerful leaders in his war-torn country. It was this hatred that eventually led to his martyrdom. Violence was escalating in El Salvador, and on the day before his death, in his last Sunday homily and radio address, he addressed the military leaders directly, “In the name of God, then, in the name of this suffering people, whose cries rise to the heavens, every day more tumultuously, I ask you, I beg you, I order you in the name of God: stop the repression!”

The following day, Monday, March 24, 1980, at 6pm, he offered a memorial Mass for the mother of a local newspaper editor. The readings for that Mass seem uniquely appropriate. He read Psalm 23 “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me.” The Gospel reading was from John 12: 23 – 26, “Unless the grain of wheat falls to the earth and dies, it remains alone. But if it dies, it bears much fruit.” At the close of his homily, he said these words at the Eucharist:

“Whoever offers their life out of love for Christ, and in service to others, will live like the seed that dies … May this body immolated and this blood sacrificed for humans nourish us also, so that we may give our body and our blood to suffering and to pain – like Christ, not for self, but to bring about justice and peace for our people. Let us join together, then, in the faith and hope of this intimate moment of prayer …”

At that moment, a single shot pierced his heart, and he immediately fell to the ground. His death while presiding at the Eucharist is symbolic for the Salvadoran people in that his blood was mixed with the “blood of Christ” from the cup of salvation. The Salvadoran people believe in resurrection; Romero’s presence is still with them. On this anniversary of his death, we remember Romero and join with the Salvadoran people in their resurrection chant, “Oscar Romero: Presente!”


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  1. fsmthematico says:

    Hola Robin,

    I happen to stumble upon your blog entry today and I wanted to say how powerful! Here is an event we have organized here in El Salvador in honor of Msg. Oscar Romero and we have also issued a call to action the international community please share with others and read the below:

    Please see below:

    We are calling on the international community to join us in celebrating the Life, Legacy, and Call of Monsignor Romero during the month of March which marks the 30 year anniversary since his martyrdom. In El Salvador we are hosting a Thematic Social Forum to celebrate and discern Monsignor Romero’s life and his call to be solidarious, to practice and deepen the intentional preferential option for the poor (impoverished), and the challenges they imply for our actions in the here and now.

    To the international community we are asking you to create your own event in commemoration of Monsignor Romero. Please see attached call to action and the Thematic WSF documents for ideas on your own gathering. Additionally, send us a brief summary of your event(s), with pictures if possible, to celebrandomonsenorromero@gmail.com, so that we can add your event(s) to our website which lists national and international events that are occurring in honor Monsignor Romero.

    For more detailed information visit: http://celebratingmonsignorromero.com/

    Those in El Salvador you are welcomed to join us in San Salvador, El Salvador: March 20, 2010, from 8 am to 5 pm, Thematic World Social Forum: Celebrating the Life, Legacy, and Call of Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo Romero, Universidad de El Salvador, Auditorium # 4

    Please do read the attached documents, and share this work with others, forwarding this e-mail and adding your own personal message to your contacts and networks.


    Marta Benavides, Hierald, and Kristen Kane-Osorto
    SIGLO XXIII – Museo Aja

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