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Just some rambling … just because …

A few days have passed since my last post, and I must admit that I don’t have any earth-shattering revelations to share with you, but figured it was time to write “something” again. Since writing last, I attended some of … Continue reading

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Visiting the Sick

As a pastor, I enjoy visiting parishioners in their homes and hearing their stories. I am a “people” person so this comes relatively naturally for me. One area of visitation where I must be more disciplined, though, is going to … Continue reading

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Remembering Dad …

Today is Father’s Day, a day on the calendar when we pause to say thank you to our fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and other men in our lives who have influenced us and shaped us. I must admit that I struggle … Continue reading

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Holy Conferencing

I experienced a wonderful, Spirit-filled time of Holy Conferencing at the East Ohio Annual Conference at Lakeside this week. (For friends who are not United Methodist and/or who live outside of Ohio, Lakeside is a quaint Chautaqua community on Lake … Continue reading

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A Prayer for Friends

In the image and likeness of God, human beings are formed to be in a loving relationship with their Creator and with one another. These relationships are not meant to be static, but dynamic, as humans are always searching and … Continue reading

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Georgia Harkness, 1891 – 1974

I went to the library today and checked out several books by and about Georgia Harkness. Although I knew a little about her life and work, as the recipient of a scholarship bearing her name, I wanted to learn more. … Continue reading

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Catching Up

Since starting my blog in February, this has been the longest amount of time between posts and I am finally playing “catch up.” Since I last wrote I have been home to Indiana, back to Ohio where I currently reside, … Continue reading

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