Construction, accidents and other perils of summer travel …

This will be a very quick blog post as it is quite late (or early, depending on your perspective – either way, though, I need sleep!), but I wanted to give an update for those following my adventure this week. I will write more later.

After several traffic delays including an overturned tractor trailer, 2 construction sites, and one unknown issue for which I was able to only travel 9 miles in an hour and 15 minutes’ time, I arrived in Lebanon, PA around 9:15pm. The good news is that in that 9 mile stretch of road I was able to occupy myself by taking pictures with my phone. And since we were moving so slow, there was no worry of the phone ending up in a cornfield! Those 9 miles were absolutely beautiful along US-322 just outside of State College, PA. I had the top down and some great music playing, so I was able to find some grace in the moment. All is well.

Initial leg of the trip – smooth sailing!!

Unknown delay – very slow going as evidenced by my hair J

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