Fractured Prunes and Sugar Highs

Like road construction and traffic delays, attempts at healthier eating this summer have taken a detour during this vacation week. Seriously, who cannot resist the tantalizing temptations of Hershey, PA or the Amish Country? Yesterday I enjoyed a wonderful visit with my friend, Alice Ann, and her family. She, her daughter, and I started the day with a convertible ride to the Fractured Prune for breakfast. The name of the place may not sound all that inviting, but they serve the most delicious, delectable donuts one could ever possibly imagine. Customers may choose from a variety of glazes and toppings to add to these warm cake donuts. There was a menu of about 50 marvelously named combinations to choose from or one could create her own concoction. I had the “Reese’s” (peanut butter glaze with mini chocolate chips) and the “Crummy Caramel” (caramel glaze with graham cracker crumbs and cinnamon sugar). Wow, they were to die for!! The story of the Fractured Prune is interesting. Their first location was in Ocean City, MD and they now have several franchises. They even have one in Ohio, although I am grateful that it is two hours away from me – it would definitely NOT be good if it were closer! Anyway, if you are interested in reading more about the Fractured Prune, check out their website.

After a breakfast like that, we certainly didn’t need lunch! We had a wonderful day of visiting, chatting, and playing games. Although we talk and e-mail regularly, I had not spent quality time with Alice Ann and her family for about two years so it was wonderful to just “catch up.” I also enjoyed seeing the new church she is serving, Trinity UMC, where she was appointed last July.

I will be leaving here shortly to meet my sister and her family at the Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster, PA. After the performance there, we will all head to her home in the Poconos, where I’ll visit with more family and friends. I’ll spend two nights there before heading to Philadelphia on Thursday.

So until next time … peace …

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1 Response to Fractured Prunes and Sugar Highs

  1. Jen Schronce says:

    I *LOVE* Fractured Prune… the had just build one in NC when I moved (Again, as you said, a good thing!)

    I’ll be interested to hear what you think of Sight and Sound, i’ve heard very mixed reviews and really want to go there myself.

    Love reading your travels, you’re almost partially in my family’s area (Lykens, Mechanicsburg, Etters, New Cumberland, etc.. and Clarion and Altoona 😛 )

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