You can go home again … again

After preaching at my home church in Indiana last Sunday night, I wrote a post entitled “You CAN go home again.” This is another post on that theme of going “home.”

Last night I enjoyed a wonderful “homecoming” at Holmesburg United Methodist Church in Philadelphia, the church where I grew up. When I told my friend Joyce that I would be in town, she said she would plan a little get together at the church. Knowing Joyce, I should have known it would be anything but “little.” She prepared a full-course meal and there were about 30 people there! After dinner, we enjoyed a time of reminiscing. Many of my former Sunday School teachers came, and they shared stories of my growing up years. They presented me with a framed certificate which everyone present had signed. It was so sweet and touching. I then shared my journey to seminary and the significant role that they had played in my spiritual formation, and we ended with a time of singing together. It was just beautiful – a memory I will cherish. Earlier in the day, I had lunch with Judy, Bob, Jerry and Julie. Judy and Bob were the youth leaders and Jerry was the pastor at Holmesburg during my formative years. The whole day was just a wonderful trip down memory lane! You CAN go home again.

Some members at Holmesburg UMC who attended last night’s dinner

My favorite stained glass window at Holmesburg. I previously wrote a post about this picture of “The Good Shepherd” and how it sustained me as a child.

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1 Response to You can go home again … again

  1. Robin says:

    What a testimony to the nurturing of this church and the mutual impact you and this congregation had on each other’s lives!

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