On the road again

I have had an incredible week journeying down Memory Lane with friends and family, but now it is time to hit the road again. I will be checking out of my hotel shortly and heading back to Ohio. Yesterday I enjoyed visits with two dear childhood friends. Below is a pic of Sandi and me. Sorry, Elaine, in all of our chatting, we missed a photo opportunity. You’ll just have to come visit me in Ohio so we can get that pic!

Keeping this short so I can get on the road. Will reflect on this visit some more over the next few days once I am home and back into my normal routine.

Sandi and me – friends forever

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1 Response to On the road again

  1. James Higdon says:


    Just a note to say that I have really been enjoying first of all the increased frequency that you have been posting and also your new format of sharing life with us. It has been a real blessing, and you are a real blessing:)

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