Puppy Love

Before I was born, my parents got their first Weimaraner, Duby, whom they raised and showed to his championship. Although Duby was a “show” dog, he was a beloved member of our family. In fact, my first word was not “Mommy” or “Daddy;” my first word was “Duby.” Duby was everything to me. He was a big dog and he taught me how to walk when I was a baby. I held onto his ears as I tottered around the house. I loved that dog and he loved me very much, too; he watched every move I made and did his best to keep me from harm and out of trouble. A great protector, he lived a good, long life – nearly fifteen years – and our whole family was devastated when he died.

Since Duby’s death, my parents have had three other Weimaraners. The most recent is Tyler, whom they adopted last October through the Weimaraner Rescue. (For more info, check out the Louisville Weimaraner Rescue at http://www.louisvilleweimrescue.com/ ). Tyler is such a sweet boy. Although he is 80 pounds, he thinks he is a lap dog and always wants to be close. Whenever I come home, he warmly welcomes me and one can tell that he is truly excited to see me. He freely lavishes his love on me. I never cease to be amazed at the love and loyalty of our furry friends. They are great reminders of the unconditional love of God – the God who watches us, protects us, loves us, welcomes us, and is truly excited to spend time with us. How cool is that?

Until next time, peace …

Robin & Duby after his championship in August 1972

Robin feeding Tyler a treat

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6 Responses to Puppy Love

  1. Connie Thomas says:

    The picture of you and Duby is sooooooooo sweet. I agree about the love of our furry friends – they indeed are great examples of God’s unconditional love and why not God created them too!!! We never can get enough reminders of how great God’s love is for us. God is LOVE!!! Amen.

  2. James Higdon says:

    What a great dog, and you’ve gotta love the name Duby! Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Jean Gabl says:

    “Dillon’s Hills of Aaron” – I remember that. He was a beautiful dog from a great breed. I remember when your dad showed us how he could use hand signals to get Duby to do stuff. It was amazing. I truly saw that Duby was obedient because he loved your dad. Some say that animals aren’t capable of love – that they simply act on instinct – but Duby disagreed with that theory.

  4. The Fergus' says:

    Your Mom forwarded this to us – brings back memories. Mom and Dad adopted a greyhound from the lcoal track about 9 years ago. She’s still capable of a great run with two other greys that belong to a fellow Dad met years ago at the local dog park – beautiful sight to see. Mind you the sprint is not long but they pour their heart into it.

    When one considers dog is God spelled backwards and they give their love unconditionally just as He does.

    God bless you.


  5. diane speer says:

    tyler is awesome. your mom & dad are awesome too.
    it’s been a blessing to know them

    foster home for louisvilleweimrescue
    we foster the puppies

    paws & prayers
    diane & phil speer

  6. Hamster says:

    Hi, Your mom and dad are dear friends of mine. It just so happens that I’m looking for a dog at this very time. I’m going to look at a Weim. later today. I ask you dad for any pointers or advise he could offer. Your folks are great people. Peace….. Hamster

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