Rainbows in the night …

As I was driving home from some church visits early this evening, the atmosphere suddenly turned a very dark shade of gray. I drove for a few miles anticipating the skies opening up and pouring down rain when unexpectedly two small holes of light burst through the darkness. The contrast of light in the midst of darkness was striking and as I pondered its theological connections, it started raining – quite hard in fact. Then the neatest thing happened – a brilliant rainbow appeared. The colors were vivid and vibrant against the bleak horizon. Those who know me well might be shocked to learn that I did not take a picture of it with my cell phone! Rather, I found myself singing the chorus of a David Meece song that I had not heard in well over ten years. I surprised myself when these words poured out …

God’s promises are rainbows in the night

Shining hope inside when shadows cloud my eyes

His promises are rainbows in the night

Guiding through the darkest times

God’s promises are rainbows in the night

Several years ago during a particularly challenging time, I played this song repeatedly, clinging to hope in the midst of darkness. Remembering it tonight brought refreshment to my soul. I came home, found the music on YouTube and listened to it several times as a reminder of God’s “promise of presence” on the journey. Until next time, peace …

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