A God who is both near and far …

I took a convertible ride around 10:00 last night. Although it was a bit brisk, I wore a jacket and put the windows up with the heat on. I just needed to be out in the open air, with the wind blowing through my hair. Rides like that allow me to purge and pray. This week seemed to be filled with stories of illness, sadness and loss. My heart is heavy for many loved ones who have recently received difficult diagnoses and are experiencing great pain. As I drove, I listened to music and poured my heart out to God. I was also fascinated with the sky. I tried to take a picture of it, but it didn’t come out well. (Never fear, though, friends, I held tightly to my phone as I did this J). There weren’t many stars, but the moon was full and it was somewhat eerily surrounded by fleecy, woolen cloud strips strewn across the horizon. It was paradoxical, really. In the vastness, there was this comfortable, close feeling, as if those clouds were blankets one could snuggle up with.

This week for my liturgical prayer class, we did some readings about the images of God and I was struck by the mystery of God’s transcendence (meaning that God is “out there,” over all things) and God’s immanence (meaning that God is close and present). The Divine is both near and far to us. One of our assignments was to write a prayer of adoration – a prayer that strictly praises God without petition. I share it with you and invite you into conversation about your thoughts on immanence and transcendence. Until next time, peace …

O great spark of hope and creator of light,

you penetrate the deepest darkness,

bringing order to the swirling chaos,

and new life from the mud of the earth.

From you all things came into existence:

sun, moon, stars and planets;

oceans, rivers, creeks and streams;

trees, flowers, fields of splendor,

birds of the air and fish of the sea.

In your image and likeness you brought forth humans,

with eyes to glimpse your bountiful creation,

ears to hear your glorious nature,

and lips to sing your praise.

Your works stretch as far as the farthest galaxy,

yet you are ever near to us.

Your breath permeates our beings,

connecting us with your spirit,

filling us with your love.

We praise you, O God, for the gift of your presence.

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2 Responses to A God who is both near and far …

  1. Nancy Day-Achauer says:

    Lovely prayer, I always enjoy prayers of adoration and wish more people wrote them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kim says:

    I know this is so true, when you have many things going on. Great poem and great post, you write very well.

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