Hope and Home

I went home to Indiana for a quick visit this week. I had an appointment for my physical for the Board of Ordained Ministry – and it was my birthday, so it was great to spend a few days with my parents. While at home, I had the opportunity to visit with some of the children in the Hope for Africa Children’s Choir (http://hopeforafricachildrenschoir.org/). They arrived at my home church, Avon UMC, around Noon on Thursday for lunch, rest, rehearsal, and dinner before their performance that evening. I assisted with the lunch and dinner and enjoyed interacting with the kids. They were polite, gracious and appreciative. Their smiles lit up the room and they lavished love on anyone close enough to hug. And their passionate prayers put this pastor to shame! These twenty-two children, ages five through eleven, were selected from thousands of orphans in the East Africa Conference of the United Methodist Church which is comprised of Uganda, Sudan, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi. I can’t imagine being on that selection committee – I would want to give every child the opportunity for an education! Their performance was incredible – so full of energy. It made me tired just watching them! Their music and dancing was awesome! Below are a few pictures taken during the performance, courtesy of my friend Jennifer Eckert. Thanks, Jen!!

Until next time, peace …

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1 Response to Hope and Home

  1. Kim says:

    I love that children’s choir, so glad you got to go home for a bit.

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