I’m moving into the 21st Century

Can you believe I am writing two blog posts today?! One could say that I am making up for lost time or trying to remedy the inconsistency with posts lately. However, that is not my intention for this particular post. Instead I am writing to announce to the world that I have officially moved into the 21st century. “Really,” you might ask, “just what on earth have you done?” I bought a digital camera! This news likely comes as a relief to my friends who have had grave concerns about my cell phone photography while driving, but to that I respond, “Now I just have better gadgetry!” J

A digital camera may not sound like a big deal, but quite honestly, until now, I couldn’t really justify the expense. I have a nice 35mm camera that has worked well, and of course, I have my cell phone that actually takes pretty decent pictures. I contemplated buying one last year for my trip to El Salvador, but there were others on the trip who said they would share their photos with the rest of us, so I didn’t get one at that time. However, as I began preparations for my trip to Nova Scotia at the end of the week, I decided I wanted to capture those memories permanently. I am not sure how much “free” time we will have on the trip, but it is my intention to post a few pictures and blog a little each day if I can.

In the meantime, my new camera is the perfect procrastination paraphernalia. I should be writing my final papers for the semester since I will be gone next week, but instead I have been testing my new toy. Flower portraits are great, aren’t they?

Until next time, peace …

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2 Responses to I’m moving into the 21st Century

  1. Jean Gabl says:

    Really pretty picture, Robin. I have a digital camera, and I still can’t take a decent shot. I’m pathetic.

  2. Nancy Day-Achauer says:

    Love the picture. I think taking photos with a new digital camera is a more worthy procrastination tool than our usual one (Facebook)!

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