My Black Friday Madness

I wakened early this morning, much earlier than usual, especially on a holiday weekend. It was still dark outside, with the sun not expected for a couple of hours. I sprang from my bed, unlike my typical, more gradual approach to greeting the day. My agenda was set, and with my list in hand, I set off with great anticipation, envisioning success in accomplishing my goal. I was psyched! Where did you go, you might ask? I will tell you that it was NOT to any retail establishment. I am avoiding such places today! No, I am in the midst of my own Black Friday “madness” – working on final papers and projects, packing, and reading (or skimming!) materials for my trip to Nova Scotia. I am really looking forward to this opportunity to join with other women in ministry to talk about leadership in a global context. I will admit, though, that the timing of the trip is not the best for me as it falls at the end of the semester and I will miss the final week of classes. When I return, I will have only a few days until all my final semester coursework is due. I want to get as much done today as I can – to relieve the pressure of schoolwork “hanging” over my head so that I can be fully present on this trip. Perhaps now that I have articulated this – again! – my head will be clear enough to get back to the task at hand.

On a side note, though, I did have a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday, visiting with several of my parishioners. My congregation is my “family” here in Ohio and I am grateful for that. In anticipation of my trip, I didn’t go home to Indy this year, but my parents were here to visit me two weeks ago, and we celebrated our Thanksgiving together then.

OK, now I am really going back to the task at hand. J Until next time, peace …

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2 Responses to My Black Friday Madness

  1. Nancy Day-Achauer says:

    Finishing end of semester school work does feel a lot like Black Friday madness. On the positive side, it’s easier on the wallet! 🙂

  2. Lesli says:

    Hey Robin!

    Good job with being proactive!!! It will make a huge difference and allow you to really sit back and enjoy your Nova Scotia visit! I am so proud of you answering ‘the call,’ and taking on this honor of spreading the Love! You can check our my brother’s blog, also. I think you will like it!

    Anyway, here’s to hoping the motivation hasn’t vanished since you wrote the blog! 🙂 Take care and never get discouraged in what you are doing!!! Your reward awaits!


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