Lost and Found

This will be another brief post, but I wanted to report to my friends who read yesterday’s blog that my luggage has been found! It finally arrived here at my hotel last night around 9:00. I felt like a participant in Luke 15 (the parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the lost son) with much rejoicing over that which had been found! The other women on the trip rejoiced with me, too! I am sure that I can probably theologically reflect on the found luggage for quite some time, but I must get moving here. We had a long, but very good day yesterday. I will write more about all of it when I return. We seem to have “spotty” (at best) internet service at the hotel, which only seems to work in the morning. Go figure! I am off to breakfast now … the women on this trip may not recognize me today with different clothes!

Until next time, peace …

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1 Response to Lost and Found

  1. James Higdon says:

    “These were his instructions: “Take nothing for the journey except a staff– no bread, no bag, no money in your belts.” (Mark 6:8)

    You had an opportunity to take Jesus at his word on this one:)
    Enjoy your journey and I will talk to you when you return:)

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