Celebration of another milestone!

I am gloating at the moment as I celebrate the completion of another semester on my seminary journey. Only three required courses and 161 days stands between a Master of Divinity and me. Woot! I can’t sit idle too long as there are preparations for Christmas that need tending to and my commissioning paperwork is due January 15, but for the moment, I am resting and relaxing.

It has been a long week of paper-writing. I sat bleary-eyed in front of my computer into the wee hours of the morning several nights this week, but I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had this semester. For the final project/paper in my Liturgical prayer class, I studied healing services. I wrote about the biblical foundations for healing, the history of healing services and liturgy, defined healing within the overall ministry of the church, and then wrote some original healing liturgies and prayers. I really enjoyed this project as I feel that part of my call to ministry includes addressing issues of healing and wholeness. In the midst of the seriousness of the topic, I thought some levity might be appreciated. After writing some prayers for healing in different contexts, my final prayer was for a “weary seminary student who has completed her assignments.” This one is for all of my friends on this seminary journey …

Great Source of rest and healing,

    We thank you for the gift of learning

        and the ways in which you are revealed in our study.

    Bless your weary pilgrim as she celebrates another milestone

        on the journey to which you have called her.

    Clear her clouded mind,

    restore her strained and puffy eyes,

    tend to her tingling typing fingers,

    treat her tightened and tension-filled tendons,

    soothe and comfort her painful posterior,

    soak her in your fragrant bathing oils,

    and refresh her with your life-giving waters.

    In the name of the one who calls her by name, Amen.

Until next time, peace …

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1 Response to Celebration of another milestone!

  1. DedoBooma says:

    Looks like you are a true professional.

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