Outside the Snow is Falling …

I wakened to the best kind of snowfall here in Delaware, OH this morning – enough to blanket the grass and the trees, but not enough to deter activity. I enjoyed a nice leisurely walk around campus as the fluffy flurries gently fell to the ground. There is something beautiful about freshly fallen snow – it covers imperfections and illuminates even the most dull, dirty and dingy landscapes. It is a simple and elegant gift of creation, and reminds me of the love and grace of God that envelops and embraces us.

As much as I complain about snow, I really do love it! When I was a kid in school and even when I was teaching, I loved snow because that meant we got snow days!! As a full-fledged adult, though, my complaints about snow stem from the fact that it must be shoveled and cleaned off the car, and if the snowfall is great enough, planned activities are halted. As someone who likes to have things planned and organized, this can sometimes “rock my world.” When it snows in large amounts and I am unable to go about my normal schedule, I feel stranded or trapped. I don’t like to have my plans altered and I sometimes kick up a fuss. I know that is hard to imagine! J But once I settle in and recognize that it will eventually melt and clear, I can relax a bit and actually enjoy the slower pace. Interestingly, today’s snowfall is not one that would halt activity – I can still get out and accomplish all of the items on my agenda today. Instead, though, I am taking time to appreciate and reflect on this beautiful gift of creation (and taking pictures to remember it J). May it also be so for you today.

Until next time, peace …

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