Back in Business

It has been a few weeks since I have posted anything. Early in the month of January, I was busily working on my Commissioning paperwork. (For those who do not know, this is part of the United Methodist ordination process). This amounted to about 45 pages of writing in which I answered questions about my personal life; my understanding of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Trinity, the nature and mission of the Church, and other areas of theological study; and my understanding of the organization and structure of The United Methodist Church. You can imagine that I was quite relieved to complete and submit all of that by January 15! The next hurdle in that process will be my commissioning interviews with the Indiana Board of Ordained Ministry on Monday, February 15. Your prayers are greatly appreciated!

Last weekend I had a wonderful visit from my dear friend and home church pastor, Rev. Karen Devaisher. I was excited that she made the time in her busy schedule to visit the MTSO campus and my congregation at Smithville UMC. It was great to have her in worship, and I am very grateful for her love and support throughout my ministry journey. The timing of her visit was just perfect as she celebrated with me the submission of the aforementioned paperwork. J

After the completion of the paperwork and Karen’s visit, I intended to return to the discipline of regular blogging. However, last Tuesday evening, my beloved laptop breathed its last. L It had gotten much use and abuse, and had served me very well during these last three years of seminary. I knew that I would need to get a new one soon, however, I was hoping that I could eek out my final semester with it. I must say, though, if it had to happen, this was the best time for it to go. My commissioning paperwork was done and the Spring semester does not start until next week.

I have enjoyed being “unplugged” during the last week! I checked e-mail on the school computers, but I was not attached to my computer. It was liberating! I spent time reading and, believe it or not, I slept better, too. I realized just how much time I spend in front of my computer each day. While most of it is productive and has a purpose, some of it is an utter waste of time. My “forced facebook fast” re-focused my priorities.

I am back online now with 24/7 access and am back to regular blogging again … really, I am. J I am enjoying my new computer and am grateful for the love and support of my parents, too. I am officially “back in business.” Until next time, peace …

Karen and me during her recent visit to Smithville

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  1. kim says:

    glad to see you back to blogging. We do get too much in the net world and it is leberating to stay away for a while. Do not know when to say enough yet. I am putting limits on my net life and trying to live a real life.

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