A Blogging Anniversary

Today is the one-year anniversary of my first blog post. I remember the day quite vividly. It was Monday, February 23, 2009 – two days before Ash Wednesday – and I was taking some Sabbath time away from campus before the busy season of Lent. It was just a few weeks after my life-changing cross-cultural trip to El Salvador and I was looking for a venue in which to share that experience. One of my friends had previously suggested I create a blog and writing about the trip was a good way to start. In addition to being place to share stories from El Salvador, my blog has become an open form of journaling for me – a place to theologically reflect on events in my life and the world around me.

This morning, just out of curiosity, I decided to check out my blog stats. In a year’s time I have written 78 posts (that’s an average of 1.5 posts per week), there were 114 comments and 12,972 visits to my blog. Wow, that’s pretty cool! J Thank you, friends, for taking an interest in my life and writing. To pique your continued interest, my next blog entry entitled “Resting (and Nesting!) in the Word of God” will be posted by the end of the week. Y’all come back now, ya hear?!

Until next time, peace …

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1 Response to A Blogging Anniversary

  1. kim says:

    Happy anniversary!

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