A Bittersweet Day

Today is my last day of classes at MTSO and I am feeling a mix of emotions from sheer joy to deep sadness. There were times along this journey when I thought this day would never come. At other times I desperately longed for this day to come. And now that it is here there is a part of me that wishes that it had not yet come, that there was more time – not necessarily more papers, but more time. More time to spend with friends and colleagues. More time to absorb from the incredible knowledge base of the esteemed (and brilliant!) faculty at this institution. More time to learn and grow into the person and pastor God has created me to be. As I contemplate this day, however, I realize that learning never really ends and that I play an integral role in making certain that the learning never ends. God continues to work in me and through me, creating, re-creating, and transforming my own personal experiences and the world around me toward the greater good, according to God’s purposes.

And so here are my hopes and wishes for this last day of classes. First, I hope to stay awake. Yes, that sounds simple, but it is a lofty goal, given that there have been several nights recently where I have had less than the ideal amount of sleep. J Second, and this is much like the first, I hope to be present – fully present and savoring each moment, not wishing the day away. Finally, I hope to laugh and share that joy with others. Those who know me well may consider this a “given,” but I want to specifically name it and claim it because it is important to me.

This morning I updated my facebook status indicating that today is a bittersweet day and one of my friends responded, “Like all good rollercoasters, this ride has come to an end.” I love that! Now I still have one paper due on Monday and I will continue to live on MTSO’s campus as the RA of the dorm until the end of June, but today is a milestone, one which I will enjoy and savor with great laughter.

Until next time, peace …

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1 Response to A Bittersweet Day

  1. kim says:

    So glad but know it is bittersweet, enjoy as much as you can

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