Life is an Ocean Wave

When I went to my campus mailbox today, I found two notices indicating that I had packages waiting for me. I often get these salmon-colored slips of paper when I have a piece of mail too large to fit into my box so I honestly didn’t expect anything great when I entered the mailroom to exchange these slips for said packages. I thought they were probably just some oversized Annual Conference mailings or some other equally enthralling pamphlet to cure my insomnia. <Insert huge sigh here>.

You can imagine my delight and surprise then when I discovered that there were two large boxes addressed to me – one from a dear friend; the other from one of my parishioners. <Insert big grin here>. Woohoo! I thanked the student working in the mailroom today and quickly gathered the boxes in my arms. I couldn’t imagine why either one of these folks was sending me a package, but I couldn’t wait to open them. I got back to my room and tore open the first box – a lovely graduation gift from my friend. It was very sweet of her to think of me and I am so very grateful for her kindness and friendship. The next package from my parishioner, however, blew me away. Inside was a beautiful handmade quilt wall-hanging, and in the pocket on the backing of the quilt there was a note with the following inscription:

Life is an Ocean Wave

Sometimes gentle, smooth, pleasant

Sometimes churning, forceful, agitated

Continuously changing

But never too much for God to handle

Life is an Ocean Wave. Hmmm, that’s for sure. And sometimes it feels like one is about to be overtaken by that wave! As the United Methodist Church July 1 appointment date approaches, I am nervous that I have not yet received a new appointment in East Ohio where I have been serving during my time in seminary. Though I know within the very depths of my being that I am called to be a pastor and I trust that God would not have brought me this far on the journey to abandon me now, admittedly I am quite anxious. I know there is still time … and the Cabinet is not yet done its work, but I am also working on a Plan B … just in case. J

Life is an Ocean Wave … But never too much for God to handle. Wow. In the midst of this wave, I am so grateful for the prayers, love and support of my family, friends and parishioners … and for the Presence of the One who both created and stilled the wavy waters. This quilt is a tangible reminder of that – what an awesome gift!

Until next time, peace …

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7 Responses to Life is an Ocean Wave

  1. Elizabeth says:

    That is so cool! And life really is like an ocean wave! How truely fitting – especially for me today. God’s peace!


  2. Melodie Rezac says:

    The inscription brought tears to my eyes, a smile to my lips, and a very warm overwhelming feeling of great love and joy to my heart. You are truly blessed! What a profound thought! One I will put in my journal and meditate on for quite some time. Thanks for sharing, Robin! You are a blessing!

  3. jean gabl says:

    What a great gift! Your patience with this process is an inspiration. By now I’d be camping outside the conference offices until someone told me SOMETHING. But, as it’s been said, and as I know you’ve been repeating to yourself often lately, we don’t know what the future holds, but we know Who holds the future. Everything is going to work out great.

  4. Robin says:

    How amazingly beautiful! And what a great reminder of the love and hope there is in the world.

  5. Robin Dillon says:

    Thank you, Elizabeth, Melodie, Jean and Robin for reading my blog and for your great comments and support.

  6. kabeckett says:

    Robin, I have been spending much time at the ocean on this trip. A day doesn’t seem complete if I don’t at least see the Indian Ocean – which isn’t hard to do here- at some point. I read your blog yesterday, before I made an unscheduled, last minute visit to Nahoon Reef, at dusk. Watching the waves crash into each other and the rocks along the coast has been a large part of my spiritual journey here. Today I spent 2 hours at Gonubie Beach and then, on my way home, I passed home and went back to Nahoon Reef, the Ocean had more to say. Thank you for posting this – life is like an ocean wave, and like an ocean wave when it hits the shore, no place is to small or remote for God to slip in and fill with abundance, love and grace. Hang in there and ride the wave, God has great plans for you and they will be revealed in due time.


  7. Chiyona says:

    Indeed, Life is an Ocean Wave. Sometimes grand, other times small.

    We may not realize when the wave is rising, and sometimes we are oblivious to its movement.

    But, once we re-tune in to God, even with all the “earthly” and “societal” stuff going on around us –bills to pay, hunger, needing a place to live– we find that God has our best interest at heart.

    Blessings to you dear friend.


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