Making and Marking Progress

I have been on this weight loss journey for 14 weeks and have actually been quite surprised at how quickly my eating habits and food preferences have changed. While I do enjoy special treats once and a while, I no longer find myself craving chocolate bars or ice cream. My whole philosophy of eating and my relationship with food has shifted in some very positive ways. Sure, there are still foods that bring me a certain level of comfort when I have had a stressful day, but by logging everything I eat before it enters my mouth, I have time to reflect and consider my emotions first. There are times when I still eat to soothe my soul, but I am making better choices and have discovered other ways to process my emotions through praying, writing, or talking with a friend.

As I mentioned in my last post I had prepared myself emotionally for the possibility that I would not lose weight when I was on vacation or during Fair week. I was pleasantly surprised to lose 2 pounds last week, but in the back of my mind, I knew that some of that food had not yet had a chance to adhere itself to my body before my weigh-in last Friday. I still had great hopes, though, that by the time I weighed in this week, I would have eaten enough healthy food to balance it out. I was somewhat disappointed this morning when I stood on the scale and discovered that I had only lost a pound this week. I do recognize that one pound is a decent loss (losing just 1 – 2 pounds per week is the healthiest way to do this) and that it is much better than losing nothing or perhaps even gaining, but I was still disappointed. I’m impatient and want this weight off now! I had a little pep talk with myself and then I called a friend to help me process this. When I put it in perspective, I’ve still lost an average of 3 pounds per week and losing a total of 43 pounds is not bad. J

I decided that I needed a visual to help me keep everything in perspective. Today I went to the grocery store and picked up two 20-pound bags of dog food. I grew weary holding those 40 pounds of dog food, but it was a great physical reminder for me that I am no longer lugging those 40 pounds with me everywhere I go. My friend, Terry, took a picture of me holding those bags and I am going to hang it on my refrigerator as a daily admonition to continue the journey. I definitely need tangible reminders.

Terry said something to me today that has also helped me with perspective. He said, “You’ve lost 43 pounds. 43 pounds! Oh my gosh, Robin, you’ve lost a third grader!” Gotta love it!

Until next time, peace …

Carrying 40 pounds of dog food to physically represent my weight loss

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2 Responses to Making and Marking Progress

  1. Peggy says:

    Wonderful visual Robin! We are on about the same WW pace. I would never have thought of the bags of dog food; just the idea of carrying them around makes me tired. But that is exactly what we were doing. I feel more energy with every pound lost, every exercise performed and every better choice I make! Thanks for the encouraging blog and the reminder to plan for next week. Let them eat cake! Happy Birthday!

    • Robin Dillon says:

      Wow, Peggy, that’s great. I am glad to hear that you are also doing WW. Congrats on your weight loss. And happy birthday to you, too!

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