Stress Eating

I am a stress eater. It is a fact and there is no denying it. As my anxiety level increases, my ability to practice restraint wanes and my compulsion to munch skyrockets.

This week has been a stressful one in my life and ministry – in a good way. 2012 marks Oak Chapel’s bicentennial and this weekend is the featured event in our year-long celebration. We are having a catered banquet this evening, including a program with former pastors and a portrayal of John Wesley, the founder of Methodism. The Bishop will worship with us tomorrow morning and enjoy lunch with the History Committee and me afterwards. This is a big event! Although much planning and organization has taken place during the last two years (even before my arrival in July 2011), there are always last-minute details that need tending. To add to my stress I have a critical writing deadline on Monday.

Old habits die hard and as I sat at my computer in the darkest night hours as few days ago, I found myself almost unconsciously reaching for something to eat. Yet, to my amazement and surprise, I didn’t go for the chocolate ice cream that has been in my freezer for three months or the Hershey bars that were left over from making s’mores at a bonfire. I grabbed grape tomatoes and rice cakes. Now, I won’t lie. Within an hour’s time, I ate three rice cakes and in the following hour, I ate the whole pint of grape tomatoes! But it could have been much worse. In previous writing marathons, it was not uncommon for me to eat a whole bag of M & M’s – no, not the individual size, but a large 12 oz. bag. So I am making progress. And the good news is that I logged those munchies on my food tracker and they totaled only 3 points. I am grateful to report that after last week’s disappointment of losing only 1 pound, this week I lost 3, making my 15-week total 46. My goal is to lose another 20 (for a total of 66) by Christmas.

Change is challenging, but we take it one day at a time. Until next time, peace …

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1 Response to Stress Eating

  1. LW says:

    As one stress eater to another – you’re impressive!

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