A pound? Only a pound? That’s nothing!

Since starting Weight Watchers in June, I have given weekly e-mail/text reports of my progress to two dear friends who encouraged me to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Even before I made my weight loss journey public via this blog and facebook, I did these updates to celebrate my weekly success and to hold myself accountable. One of those friends is a life-long Weight Watcher member and is well-versed in nutrition, wellness and weight loss. Last week she told me that she was “stunned” at my consistent progress and said that it was highly unusual for a person to lose weight week after week without gaining at some point or hitting a plateau. Well, I think she jinxed me! Darn her!

Just kidding, of course …

I knew that at some point on this journey there would be a week (or more) when I wouldn’t lose any weight or even worse, would gain a pound or two. Knowing that I was attending a clergy retreat (or what has affectionately been called the “clergy carb-fest”) in Amish Country, I told myself at the start of the week that it would be OK if I didn’t lose anything or even if I gained this week. It would not be the end of the world. The earth would still spin on its axis and the sun would still rise in the morning. And here we are. The sun really IS shining today and I’m pretty sure the earth is still moving on its charted course. Even though I gained a pound this week, I am OK with it. A little disappointed maybe, but generally OK. I’m still 61 pounds healthier than I was in June and I will not be deterred from my goal.

I am learning to make healthier choices, but I am not depriving myself either. Constant deprivation leads to failure. We give up because it is not sustainable. We cannot live our whole lives in a controlled environment. Well, we can, but we won’t be happy. I would have missed out on a wonderful experience had I chosen not to participate in the retreat because of the food (3 days of meals at the Dutch Valley Restaurant). I did my best to make good food choices, splurging a little by having small portions of mashed potatoes and stuffing at dinner each night and even having a small piece of pie one night. I did skip the noodles at each meal – that would have caused a carb coma, to be sure! Even with going over my daily point allowance, I still tracked everything I ate as a reminder of my ultimate goal and to maintain that discipline. And the result was not too bad. It could have been much worse!

I sent my weekly e-mail/text update to my two friends this morning and my “stunned” friend’s response was “A pound? Only a pound? That’s nothing!” She’s right. I’ll take it.

Until next time, peace …

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2 Responses to A pound? Only a pound? That’s nothing!

  1. Becky Jones says:

    Congrats! A lb pound gain while eating in Amish country is a great result!

  2. Jean says:

    See, right there, you’re talking about passing up noodles. I know I have a problem, because I can’t come close to fathoming that concept. I remain enormously proud of you.

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