Surgery and Recovery Update

I plan to return to my writing about weight loss, healthy eating, body image, etc. in a few weeks, but for now will just give a quick update about my surgery and recovery. I entered the hospital in good spirits on Thursday, joking about my air-conditioned/heated hospital gown and its potential liturgical uses. My doctor, a gifted surgeon, whom I’ve been told is the best in the area using the DaVinci robotically-assisted method, held my hand and prayed with me as her assistants prepared the operating room. She and I were both ready to get this thing done!

I am pleased to report that my surgery was successful, though it was much more extensive than originally anticipated. In addition to the removal of my uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries and their surrounding endometriosis, the doctor removed two large fibroid tumors. She also reported that I had a cyst on my left ovary that was literally braided around it and twisted at least thirty-five times. She said she had never seen anything like it and it was no wonder I was in such excruciating pain. She indicated that it had to have been there for several years. During surgery, she also found and repaired an umbilical hernia. In the process, my bladder was nicked. I knew that damage to the bladder was a potential risk of this kind of surgery, and given all that the doctor had to do while she was in there, it’s no wonder it happened. Due to these complications and my pain, I stayed in the hospital one night longer than anticipated. I was released on Saturday with a catheter to give my bladder a chance to heal. I will return to the hospital on Wednesday for a scan and if sufficient healing has taken place, the catheter will be removed. I am quite hopeful this will be the case. J

It looks like my recovery process may be a little longer than the four weeks I originally planned, but my doctor and I will discuss the specifics of this at my follow up appointment on Wednesday. In the meantime, I appreciate your continued prayers in the days and weeks ahead. I am grateful for my parents (and their dog, Tyler) and their willingness to come take care of me and nurse me to health. I am also very grateful for my friends and the people in my congregation who have prayed, sent cards and brought meals. I feel very loved.

Until next time, peace …

Excited by the news of my release on Saturday morning, carrying my latest accessory – it’s part of the classy Coach catheter series. I think it needs some “bling.” Any ideas or suggestions?

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7 Responses to Surgery and Recovery Update

  1. Pam Doore says:

    Love the classy Coach catheter, you have great accessories! I continue to pray for your recovery!! Hugs and prayers! Pam πŸ™‚

  2. Katy Armbrust says:

    Robin, your positive outlook never ceases to amaze me! I will bring glitter anytime you’d like to jazz up that Coach Cath!

  3. Donna Donat says:

    You are too much. I know that you are feeling much better with this surgery behind you. You’ll feel like a new woman when all of it is behind you. Glad mom & dad and Tyler can be there with you.

  4. Sue Misner says:

    Even with a catheter, you are still lookin good!

  5. Shelley Franks says:

    Cute picture! Keep smiling yourself back to “good as new!” Just talked to Mom Franks (her 94th bday) and she was catching me up on your progress!

  6. Ed Wirt says:

    Well, I am hunting for my Gray’s Anatomy and Pathology book, to get a quick refresh, I guess they are about the same as fifty years ago in school, sounds rough and you should take your time, we can fill in and let Rev. Jim crack he whip…Best Wishes..ED

  7. Frances Boyer says:

    Looking at your picture, with the new purse, I can hear your laughter. God bless you. I am so happy to hear from you. You’ll feel like a brand new body. Love and prayers, Frances

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