I’m Only Human

This week was a bit of a weight loss challenge for me. I’m finally feeling better after my hysterectomy, but I am not yet back to work or into my normal routine and I don’t yet have the physical stamina to DO a whole lot. It’s been somewhat frustrating and I found myself just wanting to EAT. A LOT. I ate almost anything that was not nailed down. It wasn’t mindless eating as I might have done in the past. This was intentional eating. I was well aware of the choices I was making. That chocolate bar was a comfort to me. Well, actually, not one chocolate bar. I had a few Skinny Cow chocolate bars this week. And I’m not really sorry that I did. However, I did try to balance it out with several servings of vegetables each day. The result? No gain this week, thankfully, but no loss either.

It would have been nice to reach the 80-pound mark this week, but I continue to remind myself of the big picture. I posted a note on my refrigerator yesterday, “Be gracious to yourself, Robin. Look how far you have come!” I’m 79 pounds healthier than I was last June. And once I am back into my normal daily routine I know that number will grow.

Last week I received an e-mail from Weight Watchers about their “I’m Only Human and I Did It” project inviting members to share their stories via video in an effort to motivate others. Yesterday I created my video and uploaded it to the project site on YouTube. I’m including the link below. I encourage you to watch not only my story, but the stories of countless others who are on this journey.

Until next time, peace …


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1 Response to I’m Only Human

  1. LW says:

    You’re wonderfully human, not ONLY human.

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