Walking for a Cause

In my last post on Ash Wednesday, I outlined my plan for walking as a Lenten discipline. When my sister visited with me after my surgery she told me about a 5K in which she is participating this summer, so a few days into my new walking routine, I began to consider the idea of 5K, too. I wanted to participate in a 5K that would benefit a meaningful cause. I searched the internet for 5Ks in Northeast Ohio this summer. As I read through the possibilities, I started to wonder if there was a 5K for endometriosis, the disease that caused so much pain for me and that ultimately necessitated my hysterectomy. I discovered that there is indeed an upcoming walk for endometriosis – a virtual 5K. In a virtual 5K, people from around the globe participate in the event by charting their own course in their hometown or any other place of their choosing. Participants then take pictures of their event and post them to the walk’s website. So I have registered to do this virtual 5K to raise awareness for endometriosis right here in Wooster, Ohio! The date of the walk is March 23 – yes, just a few short weeks away – so I have stepped up my daily routine a bit to be ready. I’m looking forward to donning my yellow endo t-shirt that day and walking through town for a cause that is near and dear to me. I’m grateful to be pain free and well enough to participate. And my 82 pound weight loss will make the walk much easier for me, too!

March is Endometriosis Awareness month. This painful and often debilitating disease affects 1 in 10 women in their reproductive years. The cause is unknown and there is currently no cure. For more information, check out the Endometriosis Research Center (http://www.endocenter.org/) or endometriosis.org (http://endometriosis.org/endometriosis/).

Until next time, peace …

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1 Response to Walking for a Cause

  1. Sheryl Seitz says:

    AWESOME GOAL!  I applaud you for being so public about your reason for the hyst…hugs and love – Sheryl PS – I will be in prayer that day for you!

    Sheryl Seitz This IS the day that the Lord has made.  Let us be glad and REJOICE in it!


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