Nine month news flash

Yesterday, March 14, was my nine month anniversary with Weight Watchers. Consider my Top 10 list of what can happen in nine months.

10. An estimated 675 billion status updates on Facebook.*

9. An estimated 81 billion pictures uploaded on Facebook.*

8. Driving 60mph for 8 hours a day, one could travel 129,600 miles ā€“ more than half the distance to the moon.**

7. The hair of the average person has grown 4.5 inches.

6. Assuming a low-ball figure of 2 hours per day, a person has watched 540 hours of television.

5. At an average of 7.5 hours per night, a person has slept roughly 84 days.

4. Students can complete a full academic year.

3. Along those lines, one could complete half of an Associate’s Degree at a community / technical college.

2. A human life is formed from fertilized egg to full-term baby.

1. Robin Dillon has lost 86 pounds!

*Facebook: The Making of 1 Billion Users, Business Week, October 4, 2012.

**Earth’s Moon: Facts and Figures, NASA’s website

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