Plateaus and other frustrating challenges

The last few weeks have been the most challenging since I started this weight loss journey ten and a half months ago. I didn’t make my “90 by Easter” goal and have been hovering between an 86 and 88 pound loss for the last six weeks. While I try to focus on the positive aspects of this journey and take pride in what I have accomplished, I cannot deny my disappointment. Part of me recognizes that my body has gone through some significant changes through both the weight loss and my recent surgery, and this plateau is my body’s way of trying to regain some sense of equilibrium. Plateaus are a very natural part of this process. I know that on a cognitive level, but on an emotional level, I’m frustrated.

My frustration has manifested itself in some poor eating choices over the last few weeks. There have been days when I did not track my food intake and at times, I have found myself eating mindlessly and reverting back to some old habits. I’m not proud of this fact, but must be honest about it – here in this public forum, but even more importantly, with myself.

Writing is an important reflection tool for me; it keeps me honest. Through writing I learn a lot about myself and my interactions with the world around me. I have not written much over the last few weeks and I think my lack of discipline in writing has had a direct affect on my eating and could easily seep into other areas of my life as well. This blog post is an attempt to remedy the situation. Since writing keeps me honest with myself and others, I am recommitting myself to the discipline of regular blogging as well as daily food tracking and walking.

I know this plateau is just a minor blip. I have come a long way and I will lose even more weight … eventually. Until then, I will continue to write and hold my before/after pictures in front of me as a source of motivation and encouragement to continue the journey.

Until next time, peace …

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