The Motivation I Needed

Earlier this week I wrote about fresh starts and the process of letting go of past failures and other things that hold us back. That post about my new beginnings with Weight Watchers was very healing as writing helps put things into perspective for me.

This week as I lived into my new reality of healthier eating and tracking my food intake again, I considered ways to keep me motivated and to document my progress. One way I am noting my weight loss success this time is a sticker chart I have hung on my refrigerator. A dear friend made me some awesome stickers of scales with tape measures being pulled tightly around them. After my weigh-ins each Friday, I will add a sticker to the chart for each pound lost. See picture below.

Yes, I really put 7 stickers on my chart this morning! My weight loss this week was actually 7.4 pounds, but who’s counting? J In my previous weight loss success, I only recorded whole pounds, but have decided to be more precise this time, primarily as another way to distinguish this fresh start. I recognize that it’s likely those 7 pounds were mostly water, but this was just the motivation I needed to continue on this healthier journey. I don’t expect, nor do I ultimately want, numbers this high each week, but for now I’ll take it.

Until next time, peace …

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