I’ve Lost a Super Model and Then Some!

During my weight loss journey, I have often searched for comparisons to the amount of weight I’ve shed. For example, 20 pounds equals an automobile tire; 90 pounds equals a newborn calf; 118 pounds equals an entire set of Encyclopedia Britannica. Wow! Does that bring back memories? Who has a set of encyclopedias anymore?!?

One thing struck me, however, as I reviewed the chart: 117 pounds equals the average supermodel (and she’s 5’ 11”!). I’ve lost a whole person – albeit a very thin person – but I have lost a whole person and then some! The last two weeks I have shed just one pound each week and this week I’ve shed two, bringing my total to 125. Yes, I have shed 125 pounds! It seems rather hard to fathom.

This week also marked the 6-month anniversary of my surgery. I didn’t take measurements before starting the process, but on my 2-month anniversary (April 1) I began measuring my waist, hips, bust, thigh, calf and upper arms. In the last four months, I have lost 40 inches! I can’t even begin to imagine the total number of inches I’ve lost since I entered the bariatric program last July.

Last week I finally started going through my closets to get rid of my “fat” (or “fatter”) clothes. Starting with blazers, jackets and outerwear, I purposely tried on each item and stood in front of the mirror so I could get a visual. It was quite emotional as I literally wrapped some of the jackets around me. I’m still processing and unpacking some of that emotion – perhaps that will be the subject of a future blog post – but those visuals certainly keep me motivated.

On this journey toward health and wholeness, I am recognizing that the transformation is both inward and outward and that I am in a process of living into all that God has created and called me to be. I want to lose another 45 pounds by January 2019 when I travel to Liberia on a mission trip. The program is called Farmer to Farmer and it is a mission of the East Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church. Farmer to Farmer partners with the United Methodist Church in Harrisburg, Liberia to teach sustainable farming, as well as support a sewing school and preschool. They are also working to build an Ag Tech school. Traveling to Africa has always been a dream of mine and this trip will allow me to share the gospel and use my teaching skills to make a difference in the lives of others. It will also aid in broadening my understanding of humanity and global situations through a theological lens.

I appreciate your prayers for me over the last several months and I ask for your continued prayers as our mission team is gathered and begins preparation for the trip.

Should you wish to support my trip beyond prayers, here is a link to One Mission, a marketplace website that allows one to purchase with a purpose or make a donation.

I am grateful for all the support I’ve received from so many people over the last six months. I cannot wait to see what the next six months hold.

Until next time, peace …

125 ribbon6 month post-op, 8-3-186 month post-op side, 8-3-18

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3 Responses to I’ve Lost a Super Model and Then Some!

  1. Kay says:

    You are looking like that Super Model. Go Girl. I am so glad you are going to Africa, How exciting.!!!

  2. John Cramton says:

    Great job, Robin! I’m rooting for you!

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