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Shutting Up and Giving Up … Control, that is

While visiting my parents two weeks ago we chatted about a friend who had suffered terribly with cold and flu-like symptoms for several weeks. During that conversation I made a mistake. Not a tiny mistake. No, not this girl. There’s … Continue reading

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A resurrection story

I completed the Endometriosis Awareness Virtual 5K today. Though a bit chilly, it was an absolutely gorgeous day. The sun shone as brightly as my yellow endo shirt. I drove into town and parked at the Wooster Library. From there, … Continue reading

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A Response to the tragedy in Newtown, CT

Today’s post will deviate from my usual thoughts about weight loss, healthy habits, body image, etc. The following is a note that I sent to my parishioners and posted on my church’s facebook page last night. It seemed appropriate to … Continue reading

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A pound? Only a pound? That’s nothing!

Since starting Weight Watchers in June, I have given weekly e-mail/text reports of my progress to two dear friends who encouraged me to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Even before I made my weight loss journey public via this blog and … Continue reading

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I am NOT a different person

Last weekend a dear friend came to visit. Though she had seen pictures of my weight-loss progress, she had not seen me in person for a few months and was quite pleased with my Weight Watchers success. At one point … Continue reading

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A Mother Bunny and God

As part of her ordination service yesterday, Cordelia asked me to read Psalm 139. Those who know me well or have spent time talking with me about scripture know that this is one of my very favorite passages. I preached … Continue reading

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Celebration of another milestone!

I am gloating at the moment as I celebrate the completion of another semester on my seminary journey. Only three required courses and 161 days stands between a Master of Divinity and me. Woot! I can’t sit idle too long … Continue reading

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Live the Lament

Yesterday I wrote about the lack of and need for lament in Christian worship. Today I would like to continue that theme. In my post for World Communion Sunday, I shared a story about Sister Peggy, who I had the … Continue reading

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In a recent conversation with a friend who is going through a particularly difficult period in her life right now, she asked me, “Why is it that when people hear of my plight, they immediately plunge into stupidity?” She went … Continue reading

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Visiting the Sick

As a pastor, I enjoy visiting parishioners in their homes and hearing their stories. I am a “people” person so this comes relatively naturally for me. One area of visitation where I must be more disciplined, though, is going to … Continue reading

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