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Just some rambling … just because …

A few days have passed since my last post, and I must admit that I don’t have any earth-shattering revelations to share with you, but figured it was time to write “something” again. Since writing last, I attended some of … Continue reading

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Visiting the Sick

As a pastor, I enjoy visiting parishioners in their homes and hearing their stories. I am a “people” person so this comes relatively naturally for me. One area of visitation where I must be more disciplined, though, is going to … Continue reading

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Coming into the Light

As I sit here this morning making the final preparations for the Easter Sunday worship services at Smithville United Methodist Church, I am finally coming into the light. All week I had been having difficulty working on my two Resurrection … Continue reading

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Fringes: A Story of Brokenness and Wholeness

Thanks to all of my friends and family who prayed for the people of El Salvador and their presidential elections last Sunday. Mauricio Funes, the FMLN candidate, won this historic election and the Salvadoran people believe a new “hope is … Continue reading

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It has been over a week since I posted something here. I will try to do better. Last week was busy with lots of reading and paper writing before break and I had my weekend UM Doctrine class. On Sunday … Continue reading

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