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Shutting Up and Giving Up … Control, that is

While visiting my parents two weeks ago we chatted about a friend who had suffered terribly with cold and flu-like symptoms for several weeks. During that conversation I made a mistake. Not a tiny mistake. No, not this girl. There’s … Continue reading

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Still climbing back up on the wagon and other Lenten reflections

The season of Lent is the 40-day period (excluding Sundays) preceding Easter. Traditionally in the church it was a time when new converts practiced spiritual disciplines in preparation for baptism on Easter. A focus during this season is repentance – … Continue reading

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Anyone who has seen me lately knows that I’ve gained weight. It’s pretty obvious. It’s not something I can physically hide. Emotionally, you ask? Sure, I can hide that way. I’m good at that. If I don’t talk about an … Continue reading

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Second Chances

This is a difficult post to write, but write it I must. It’s a matter of honesty and integrity. It’s a matter of openness and transparency; a coming out of hiding. Over the last few months my weight loss journey … Continue reading

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Plateaus and other frustrating challenges

The last few weeks have been the most challenging since I started this weight loss journey ten and a half months ago. I didn’t make my “90 by Easter” goal and have been hovering between an 86 and 88 pound … Continue reading

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A pound? Only a pound? That’s nothing!

Since starting Weight Watchers in June, I have given weekly e-mail/text reports of my progress to two dear friends who encouraged me to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Even before I made my weight loss journey public via this blog and … Continue reading

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Another Portrayal of Progress and Letting Go

After my record loss of 7 pounds two weeks ago, I lost just 1 pound last week. Quite honestly, that’s a good thing. Had I lost more weight than that, I would have been concerned that there was some other … Continue reading

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