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Transformation in process …

I cannot remember a time when my weight has not gone before me, preceding my intelligence, wit, compassion and charisma in all of my interactions with others. My need to overcome others’ perceptions of who I am made me a … Continue reading

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Celebration of another milestone!

I am gloating at the moment as I celebrate the completion of another semester on my seminary journey. Only three required courses and 161 days stands between a Master of Divinity and me. Woot! I can’t sit idle too long … Continue reading

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Live the Lament

Yesterday I wrote about the lack of and need for lament in Christian worship. Today I would like to continue that theme. In my post for World Communion Sunday, I shared a story about Sister Peggy, who I had the … Continue reading

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In a recent conversation with a friend who is going through a particularly difficult period in her life right now, she asked me, “Why is it that when people hear of my plight, they immediately plunge into stupidity?” She went … Continue reading

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It has been a whole week since I have posted something here. I had been in the habit of blogging more regularly, but then somehow the “busy”ness of life snuck up on me. Since my return from Indiana last Wednesday, … Continue reading

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I Will Not Forget You …

“Can a woman forget her nursing child, or show no compassion for the child of her womb? Even these may forget, yet I will not forget you. See, I have inscribed you on the palms of my hands; your walls … Continue reading

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Easter was a great day! We had two wonderful services at Smithville with a lovely breakfast in between … and that is no small matter in a little country church with no kitchen! But the church folks pulled out all … Continue reading

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A guest blogger’s reflections …

Reflections on the Stupid Things People Say When They Talk to You About God The following is a reflection written by my friend Cordelia. It made me think about the way I respond to others in crisis … Well said, … Continue reading

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The Prayer Continues

As humans in relationship with God and others we often suppress our emotions because we want to appear respectable. We fear exposure so we keep feelings bottled up inside where it is safe and others cannot see them. When we … Continue reading

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Anger and hatred: throwing our emotions at God??

The adult Sunday School class at my church has been doing a 12-week study by Eugene Peterson entitled Psalms: Prayers of the Heart. Each week we read a different Psalm and discuss its possible influences on a life of prayer. … Continue reading

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