A Tribute to Mom

In honor of my Dad’s birthday last Sunday, I wrote a post about him and his influence on my life, so it only seems fair that I write about my Mom on her birthday as well. J Yes, my parents’ birthdays are just eight days apart. Their wedding anniversary is this week, too (on Friday, April 2). My sister and I used to joke that these two weeks of the year were hard on our wallets, but over the years we have come to recognize that the presents we buy are not the most important gifts to be given. Rather, it is our relationships and time spent together that is most valued and cherished.

I am truly blessed with two wonderful parents. My Dad worked hard to provide for our family so that my Mom did not have to go out to work when I was a small child. Notice I didn’t say that my Mom didn’t work – oh, she worked alright. Raising children is hard work! She sacrificed her career and devoted her life to my sister and me. She walked us to and from school each day until we were old enough to do that with our friends. She volunteered many long hours at our elementary school and attended all of our special programs. She is a very smart woman and was an invaluable source of information when working on school projects, never accepting mediocrity, but always encouraging creativity. In fact, all these many years later, she is still an invaluable and creative resource in my school projects!

Mom was the “neighborhood mom” – she often helped my friends with their homework, provided ideas for their science projects and book reports, baked shortbread and made snacks for all of us after school, and generally took all of the neighborhood kids under her wing. She was (and still is) a great example of love and all of the local kids admired her. I remember one year when I was in my early teens where she became the #1 “cool Mom” on all of my friends’ lists. Each Fall our church held a Halloween party for the children and youth. That particular year the organizer of the party decided that everyone should come dressed as a biblical character. Of course, most of my friends already had their costumes completed (or at least planned) when this announcement was made and we were greatly disappointed. Never fear, though – Mom to the rescue! She identified a person in the Bible to match each of my friends’ costumes. This, of course, was not what the party organizer had in mind, and you can imagine the woman’s dismay when my friend Andrea arrived dressed as a French maid and announced that she was the maid to the wife of Naaman the Leper! For some reason, I don’t recall our church having a Halloween party the following year! Hmmm …

When I was a teenager, I didn’t always appreciate the fact that my friends loved and adored my Mom. When they would say “Oh, she’s so cute” (and that phrase was heard often!), I would just roll my eyes. Now that I am older, though (in fact, I am now the same age Mom was when she came up with those biblical characters for costumes), I appreciate her more and more. I am so grateful for her example of love for all people. Though I am unable to be with her today on her birthday, I hope she knows just how much I love and admire her. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Until next time, peace …

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3 Responses to A Tribute to Mom

  1. Linda Huffman says:

    Amen!! I know her and Love her too!!

  2. jean says:

    Really good, Robin. Funny – my mom’s all about the presents. jk. 🙂

  3. Robin says:

    I love it — Naaman’s wife’s maid! What a creative mom!

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