Shortbread Dough, Christmas Cookies and Other Challenges

Time sure flies! In the “busy”ness of the Advent and Christmas seasons, my blog has been idle. After breaking the 70-pound barrier two weeks ago (71 pounds to be exact), I had a minor set-back last week, gaining 2 pounds. As the holiday season approached, I wanted to be sensible with my eating, yet I resolved that I would not deprive myself of the many tastes of the season. I was determined that I could be satisfied with just a cookie or two, not the whole tray as I may have done in the past. And I did pretty well with the cookies and candies. And the special lunches and dinners with friends during the week preceding Christmas. But my major downfall was shortbread dough. When baking I just can’t seem to resist eating the dough, especially the buttery, sugary goodness of my grandmother’s shortbread recipe. In a week’s time, I made 22 batches of shortbread to give to my parishioners, and you guessed it, I ate a glob (or two or more!) of dough from each one of those 22 batches! So when I stepped onto the scale for my weigh-in last Friday, December 21, I expected a gain. I was hoping it would only be a pound, but didn’t berate myself for gaining two. After all it was not the end of the world, LOL! J

With my shortbread baking task complete, during the last week I continued to sensibly partake in the season’s delicacies – even my sister’s yummy-licious lobster and crabmeat macaroni and cheese at our Christmas dinner – but I balanced it out with many servings of vegetables each day. When I stepped onto the scale this morning, my hope was that I would just maintain last week’s weight. I gave myself a major pep-talk, then closed my eyes as I waited for the number to appear. You can imagine my delight when the digital screen revealed that I had not only lost last week’s 2 pounds of shortbread dough, but an additional pound as well. I squealed with glee as I ran to my computer to update facebook with my new favorite number – 72!

This afternoon my parents and I did some shopping … and I couldn’t resist having my picture taken with two large bags of dog food. Unlike my previous picture with 40 pounds of dog food, I couldn’t wrap my arms around these two 35-pound bags. It was bulky and awkward. I can’t imagine lugging these two bags with me everywhere I go – quite a tangible admonition to continue this journey.

Until next time, peace …

Pictured here with two 35-pound bags of dog food representing my 70+ pound weight loss

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3 Responses to Shortbread Dough, Christmas Cookies and Other Challenges

  1. Paula Lincks says:

    You look beautiful, Robin! But then, you always have!

  2. Kay Bergen says:

    Well done, nice job, I am proud of you

  3. P.Z. says:

    You are a true inspiration to many! Not just our weight loss but your attitude mostly! Thanks! Hugs!

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