Continuation of the Halifax journey … and no luggage

This will be a very short post. We visited churches and many religious communities in Halifax yesterday, completing the day at an Advent service at the Atlantic School of Theology (AST). (Actually, the day officially ended with a visit to a convenience store so that I could purchase some toiletries because my luggage has still not caught up with me. J). Today we are spending the day at ATS, meeting with faculty and students, and some local church leaders.

The picture below is of me standing in the pulpit at St. Matthew’s United Church. This pioneering congregation has been in Halifax since 1749 (I believe it is the oldest congregation on the island).

The good thing about the picture is that you can’t really see my outfit very well – this is good because I will be wearing it in today’s pictures, too! Today is Day 3 in the same clothing, but at least I was able to rinse everything out in the sink. I am hopeful that the luggage will arrive today, but in the event that it doesn’t, I am going to be doing some shopping today! I’ve needed some new clothes anyway.

Until next time, peace …

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